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How to Write a Good Dissertation Introduction

The introduction of your dissertation addresses the research issue or problem you aim to investigate. It relies heavily on the dissertation proposal but provides a clearer perspective on the chosen issue and the specific scope of your research. Typically, the introduction chapter includes components such as background, problem statement, research purpose/objectives, research questions/hypotheses, significance, limitations, definition of terms, and a conclusion. However, the structure and elements of the introduction may vary based on university guidelines, academic field, or the chosen topic.

Dissertation Introduction Structure:

Introduction to the Chapter

Many dissertations begin with an introduction to the introduction chapter. Its purpose is to prepare the reader for what follows, employing clear and concise language. An engaging opening sentence or two is recommended to capture the reader’s attention, followed by an introduction to the research field, a statement of the study’s purpose, and an overview of the chapter’s structure.

Background to the Study

This section offers a brief and focused description of the research issue’s background. It outlines the general research field before narrowing down to the specific area under investigation. The background serves as a lead-in to the research problem.

Problem Statement

This section addresses the specific issue to be studied, demonstrating the existence of a problem that requires attention or a gap in the existing knowledge. The problem statement should thoroughly describe the particular problem of interest, indicating an unresolved issue or gap that needs addressing.

Research Aim & Objectives

The research aim is a broad statement describing what the study aims to explore or establish. Objectives specify the aspects of research under consideration and articulate how the research questions will be addressed. Objectives typically start with phrases like ‘to explore,’ ‘to study,’ ‘to assess,’ or ‘to evaluate.’

Research Questions & Hypotheses

Derived from the objectives, research questions indicate the variables under investigation. Properly framed research questions influence the choice of research methodology and data analysis techniques. Null and alternative hypotheses are included if applicable.

Significance of the Study

This section justifies the importance of conducting the research, explaining its significance in terms of practical applications, knowledge expansion, and theoretical contributions. Criteria for justifying research importance may include addressing unresolved issues, exploring variables not covered in previous studies, utilizing unique methodologies, contributing to existing knowledge, or extending theoretical models.

Research Limitations

While typically part of the introduction, limitations may also be addressed in the methodology section. Limitations refer to elements beyond the researcher’s control and acknowledge imperfections in the study. The section signals awareness of study parameters and is important for interpreting findings in the discussion chapter.

Definition of Terms

Definitions of key terms, especially those investigated in the study, are provided. Operational definitions contextualize terms used in the study, enabling other researchers to replicate the research.

Chapter Conclusion

The final section outlines the content of the remaining dissertation chapters in a few sentences or elaborates further if the dissertation structure deviates from the conventional format.

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